Health Issues

Numerous children suffer from medical diagnoses (i.e. severe headaches, asthma, gastrointestinal issues, etc.) that cause them to experience pain, limit daily functioning, or produces other negative side effects. Additionally, these diagnoses may require children to follow medical regimens that are complex, intensive, and sometimes painful. For example, diabetic children are expected to conduct multiple daily checks of their blood sugar as well as administer injections of insulin. If they do not adhere with this regimen, the health consequences can be dire.

Often medical conditions cause children to experience a variety of negative social and emotional issues. Additionally, parents may experience their own negative emotions about their child’s diagnosis and can sometimes be at a loss as to how to help their child work through his/her own issues. Sometimes parents alter their parenting strategies when interacting with their child because of his/her diagnosis. Silber Psychological Services offers a variety of therapeutic services to help children with medical issues to help their adjustment, emotional well-being, and compliance. We also provide strategies to parents to help them positively support their child while maintaining structure within the household. Therapy depends upon the nature of the medical diagnosis. For example, children may be taught behavioral pain management, how to cope psychologically with their condition, or taught cognitive behavioral strategies to help increase compliance with medical requirements.