Most children toilet train by 5 years of age and have no difficulties with bed-wetting or nighttime accidents. However, for some children, involuntary urination persists and can result in a child feeling embarrassed and ashamed while their parents may be frustrated and angry with continual need to change bed sheets and pajamas. Left untreated, enuresis may cause behavioral, emotional, and social difficulties in a child. In the majority of cases, bedwetting may be part of a normal developmental stage and children can be expected to stop having accidents on their own. In such cases, professional treatment is not necessary. In situations where a child is older than 6 years of age, they begin having accidents after a period of staying dry at night, they show signs of social, emotional, or behavioral distress, or the problem has persisted over time and does not appear to be resolving, treatment from a professional is warranted. At Silber Psychological Services, our psychologists may use a combination of behavioral, cognitive, lifestyle, and pharmaceutical approaches to help families determine the cause of bedwetting and to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan to address the issue.