Kids and Screen Time by Dr. Sandra Wartski, PsyD


Dr. Sandra Wartski, Psy.D. recently presented a talk on Screen Time Sensibility finding the right balance that works for you and your family.  The talk can be found through this link: Screen Time Sensibility

Additional Resources – Books:

  • Parenting in the Screen Age: A Guide for Calm Conversations by Delaney Ruston, MD (maker of the Screenagers movie)
  • Teen’s Guide to Face to Face Connections in a Screen-to-Screen World by Jonathan McKee & Alyssa McKee
  • Raising a Screen-Smart Kid:  Embrace the Good and Avoid the ad in the Digital Age by Julianna Miner
  • Endangered Mind: Why Children Don’t Think – and What We Can Do About It by Jane Healy, PhD
  • The Big Disconnect: Protecting Child and Family Relationships in the Digital Age by Catherine Steiner-Adair, PhD

Additional Resources – Website Links:



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